The world of medicine can be an unpredictable one. It’s hard for medical facilities to anticipate the needs of their patients, especially in the case of a medical emergency. That’s why parcel and medical courier services are so important for the everyday happenings of a number of medical care providers. If a facility runs out of a much-needed pharmaceutical item, or if they don’t have one on hand, then a courier can quickly run an item from one facility to another.

Couriers allow medical facilities the flexibility they need to treat their patients quickly and effectively, and ultimately provide the best treatment options available. Without the convenience of couriers, patients would have to either wait too long for their medication or would have to travel to another location in order to get what they require.

Why put a patient through that when we have the technology and expertise available to provide patients and their medical facilities with the pharmaceuticals that they need to better their health? R Courier values the importance of our services and how there are people out there who depend on them.

The Best Technology Has to Offer

We understand that waiting for such important parcels can cause anxiety for our customers. Because of this, we provide medical delivery with real time GPS reporting to allow clients to track their parcels on their own using our website tracker. They can also access our ETA Monitor Board to get details on all of their orders, from its delivery status, cost, and even to who signed for a parcel using signature signing technology.

This added peace of mind allows our customers to worry about their own business instead of where their parcel might be and how long it will take to get to its destination. This is why we believe that medical parcel tracking is an important service to provide when it comes to medical courier services.

Trusted to Bring Results

Medical delivery services are also used for shuttling packages between medical facilities to testing locations. This is because many medical facilities do not have the equipment to run a full range of testing and imaging services and instead send them to independent or third-party testing facilities.

Medical couriers are the ones tasked with delivering samples as well as picking up test results and transporting them from one location to the other. This essential service bridges the gap between medical practitioners and the results they need to successfully diagnose and treat their patients.

With the use of medical couriers, medical facilities like clinics or hospitals can order items and receive them on the same day or the next, as well as quickly send out samples for testing. Relying on professional couriers for this task leaves clinics the time to focus on their patients instead of worrying about keeping track of orders.

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When it comes to the best in the business, R Courier is the one that stands above the rest. We recognize the importance of the medical courier industry and treat our jobs with professionalism and care.

With the latest in courier technology, you can rely on us to provide quality services that get your parcel delivered safely and on time. Our employees are fully trained to handle all sorts of pharmaceutical goods and are ready to give it their all when it comes to doing the job right.