It’s no exaggeration that medical courier companies are an essential asset to anyone who practices medicine; at times, they are potentially life-saving operations. While mail delivery agencies typically emphasize the accessibility of their services, their business models are often ineffective when it comes to jobs with a sense of urgency.

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Standard couriers won’t be able to make the cut for a non-stop delivery of something like a heart transplant. Similarly, mail programs that are federally or municipally-funded often find themselves overwhelmed by the sheer volume of packages and letters that require transportation. These are just some of the reasons that people turn to specialists – like the experts overseeing R Courier delivery services – to handle their most delicate packages.

The following outlines precisely why medical administrators put their trust in a company that has had over 25 years of experience in the field of medical couriering, and why it’s important to understand exactly what it is we do.

If You Don’t Understand It, You’ll Miss Out On Some Essentials

Running a hospital to the best of your ability requires that you have specialists of all kind of working for you. Everything from cardiologists and radiologists, all the way to doctors, nurses, and even specialized custodial units must be on hand at all times.

No doubt, a fast and accessible courier is foundational, lest your deliveries get lost or go to the wrong places, to the chagrin of your patients. You can think of R Courier as an extension of your enterprise – we use state of the art technology so that we can make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, much like an on-call doctor.

With our online, automated order delivery system, you can place a delivery into our system, according to your own needs: we’ve got same-day deliveries, as well as non-stop (i.e. door-to-door) options to suit the situation in which you find yourself. Using our ETA Board login – a technology that truly is unique to R Courier – changes can be made to your parcel deliveries on the fly, and you’ll know exactly where everything is.

 Some Items Are More Dangerous Than Others

Unlike standard mail services, R Courier can easily transport various types of dangerous items. While this may sound like an exceptional circumstance, a lot of biological specimens are considered to be hazardous goods, and thus need to abide by Canada’s regulations for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods .

In order to do this, a great deal of training must be undertaken and governmentally-sanctioned qualifications must be met and documented. Once a courier is TDG-certified, they are officially equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to transport something as severe as radioactive goods or biological waste, if need be.

Because our drivers have extensive experience with medical supplies and other sensitive goods, our service technicians have very little limitations on what you can have delivered – we’ve even got the appropriate packaging on-site, which you can view and request via our ETA Board simply by logging in

You’ll Be Able To Revolutionize Your Own Services

Whereas typical package deliveries via postal workers may have long and wholly unpredictable timelines that often keep its patrons in wait, couriers have a number of different services to choose from, depending on the urgency of the delivery. From same-day to non-stop package transportation, both the sender and the recipient can take pride in and feel confident regarding the status of their items.

This is all to say that the rigour and nuances involved in transporting medical goods are what sets specialty couriers apart from the standardized everyday mail. Through extensive training, delivery personnel find themselves expediting a wide range of sensitive materials – from test specimens and blood work samples, all the way to the heavy machinery that constitutes an MRI machine.

Indeed, it is these factors that all couriers take on an exemplary role in the world of health, wellness, and medicine at large. If you’re looking for the best parcel delivery services for your medical centre, call us today!