The holiday season is rapidly approaching and, as a result, there is a higher demand for shipping and courier services. As stores attempt to clear their inventory for the end of the year and gift orders are placed as rush deliveries, couriers are busier and more congested with parcels than they have been all year. Fortunately, R Courier delivery services are perfect for the holidays and can help you spread some festive cheer, as far as expedited shipments go.

No doubt, the wide range of courier services offered by R Courier can help you get your package to its destination, no matter where that may be, whether it is an overnight or urgent delivery (that is, shipped in a non-stop fashion – sometimes under an hour, depending on the particular circumstances and details of the order). If you’re keen on doing everything you can to ensure that things go as planned as your holiday celebrations commence, here are a few tips for how you can prepare your package prior to handing it off to an R Courier employee.

 Do The Necessary Paperwork

If you’re hoping to deliver something internationally during a minute timeframe, it’s important to have the necessary documentation readily available, if at all possible. For instance, if your package is travelling within North America, having the NAFTA Certificate of Origin handy can make a significant difference as your package goes through the tedious and thorough motions of customs. With this kind of documentation, it’s likely that you can avoid paying duties while staving off certain delays in the process.

  1. Carefully Secure All Items

Packaging particularly fragile objects is a task that must be attended to with a great deal of patience and caution, especially if you’re sending a gift to a loved one located in a far-off land. The longer the journey, the more cushioning is recommended; not only is bubble wrap effective, it’s a fun gift in itself! Moreover, it’s always advisable to use a box, which can provide your package with a protective shell of sorts; your friends and family will thank you as they excitedly unwrap their presents. Additionally, it’s best to leave the wrapping for inside the parcel itself, as ornamental materials such as strings and ribbons are easily damaged and can interrupt the rhythms of package processing equipment and other sorting machines, which are typically automated and sensitive to excessive materials. Indeed, let the shipping box remain revealed and ensure that its details as legible as possible.

  1. Don’t Let Gifts Obstruct The Doorway

While it’s always exciting to come home to an unexpected package, your recipients will be grateful when they realize you’ve arranged for a courier to hold an item for them at a location that is convenient for them. Rather than having the courier simply leave their gift at the door, the recipient can pick it up at a time that works for them. This erases the risk of any items being stolen or even damaged by the contingencies of the outdoors, such as unpredictable weather and wildlife. Additionally, it prevents packages from piling up and becoming a tripping hazard, amongst other security issues faced by various courier companies. R Courier, to be sure, is determined to live up to its guarantee that the package will make it to the recipient and confirmation will be sent to you once this is the case.

Hopefully, these tidbits of advice will help you to enjoy a healthy, stress-free, and very much festive holiday season, during which your loved ones – no matter how near or far – are able to receive the gifts that they deserve.

The holiday season is already anxiety-inducing, so why not make it easier on yourself by taking advantage of everything that R Courier has to offer – place your order online today and face the exigencies of the season head-on!