Different kinds of medical care require different levels of safety standards. While all medical deliveries necessitate the highest levels of privacy, other safety matters, especially regarding handling, require specialized knowledge and training.

When you have a specialized medical specimen to be transported, R Courier can provide the level of service you need. Our company is a trusted medical courier service in Toronto because we maintain a highly trained, highly experienced team of professional drivers.

Kinds of Medical Deliveries

When most patients think about medical deliveries and what they might contain, the thing that usually comes to mind, first of all, are medications. The ability to bring medications to those who need them is one of the most critical uses of medical courier services – particularly when people who require medications cannot leave their homes or travel to get them.

Medical Deliveries from a Perspective of a Health Care Provider

On the other hand, from the perspective of a medical professional, choosing a reliable courier involves ensuring that they can safely transport a wide variety of possible items. Some of the other kinds of items that a medical courier might transport could include:

  • Medical Documents
  • Specimens
  • Prescriptions
  • Test Samples
  • Other Items Certified as Dangerous Goods

Transportation of Specimens

Specimen testing is standard in health care. That said, couriers specializing in medical deliveries must occasionally transport types of specimens that qualify as dangerous goods; this was the case when Public Health Toronto selected R Courier to deliver COVID-19 samples.

To ensure the safe delivery of these items, R Courier employs couriers certified to transport dangerous goods according to government regulations. This necessitates that the employee in question completes a rigorous training program to be officially certified in the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG).

Maintaining a team of drivers who are properly qualified ensures that our company is always maintaining safety protocols required to enable us to provide courier services for dangerous medical specimens.

Vehicle and Delivery Tracking Systems

The high accuracy enabled by our tracking systems allows for another level of safety in the delivery of medical test samples or specimens. Not only does our fleet of delivery vehicles contain GPS tracking capabilities, but this information is connected to our online tracking system at all times.

Our GPS reporting system can be accessed via the ETA board on the R Courier website. This feature enables clients to stay connected with their delivery in real-time at every step of the journey. One of the main benefits of this system is that customers can be sure that their delivery will arrive on time and know exactly when it will arrive.

Another advantage is that it ensures that we know the location and status of a shipment of dangerous goods at all times. As a backup system, every one of our drivers is also equipped with a mobile phone in case direct contact is ever required.

Due to the nature of complicated medical treatments, it is inevitable that some medical shipments contain dangerous goods. Luckily, when you need a courier capable of guaranteeing the safe delivery of such goods, you can contact our team. Please call us today to book your next order.