Not many people can say that the job they do really, truly, matters to the wellbeing of another person’s life. In fact, for a number of people, having a job is mainly about being able to make ends meet. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who value their jobs or the work that they do, but it’s rare that someone can feel like they are very directly and positively impacting someone’s life.

At R Courier we offer a range of courier services but when it comes to medical courier services we are aware of how valuable our work truly is. It’s not just about transporting items from and to people that we don’t even know. Even if that item is a high priority, it will never compare to the medical items that get couriered every day for the sake of preserving and maintaining lives. Because of this, we feel a deep connection with the people we serve, and happy knowing that we are helping in a significant way.

Caring Service that Matters

We offer medical delivery with real time GPS reporting because we know how important it is that our customers can track their medical packages. These sensitive medical materials are essential to the lives of a number of people, and so knowing what their package’s status is and how long it will take to be delivered is incredibly important. Not only is it necessary for proper medical treatment, results, and testing, but also so that we can give our clients much-needed peace of mind.

Our clients come from a number of major laboratories, diagnostic imaging centers, as well as healthcare agencies across Canada. We transport samples, test results, medications, treatments, and important medical equipment. Samples can be time-sensitive and need to be transported within a certain timeframe, which is why it is important that they are delivered in a timely and secure manner.

ETA Monitor Board

GPS tracking has been built in our rcomobile application so that we can better manage them and also so that you, our customers, can track their orders without worry. By creating an account and logging in to our ETA Monitor Board you can get up-to-the-minute updates on the status of your delivery vehicle, as well as lookup order and account details. We pride ourselves on offering transparency to our clients and allowing them to have all the information they need without even having to pick up the phone and make a call.

That being said, if you do call us, one of our associates would be happy to assist you. If you get in touch today you will be connected to a live person – never a recording – and be treated respectfully and with your needs in mind.

A Community That Cares

Everyone at R Courier cares about their clients and the people whose lives we touch every day. We are always striving to do better and to adapt the best technologies so that we are offering the best services we possibly can. Because for us, being a medical courier isn’t just a job – it’s a task that we pride ourselves with doing in order to enrich the lives of people around us. After all, all of us have been impacted by illness or injury either directly or indirectly, and we all know how much it means to have someone by your side. And with R Courier, you don’t just have one person on your side, but a whole community that is trained and ready to safely deliver essential medical items in a safe and timely manner.