If you’ve ever had to put off Christmas shopping to the very last minute, you know how stressful searching for the perfect gift for that special someone can truly be – but this stress, no doubt, can easily carry over to other holidays, especially the likes of New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day. Having to find the right flowers or other celebratory items for the object of your affection is a difficult task in itself, but so is ensuring that the order arrives on time for your dinner date to go as planned.

While some floral shops offer free shipping, these offerings are, of course, no match for the speed and efficiency of a certified courier company, which is why you ought to consider R Courier delivery services this holiday season (including Valentine’s Day!); when you find yourself in a bit of a pinch, you can always depend on our couriers to get the job done when you need it.

This alarming disparity in standard delivery services are especially true the day of widely-celebrated holidays – once the big day finally rolls around, there will be an overwhelming amount of frantic orders being put in for chocolatiers, florists, restauranteurs, and card stores. No doubt, these businesses rely on a knowledge of their own respective specialization to stay afloat, and likely do not go out of their way to use certified couriers. They are, in other words, not experts on making deliveries, which is why things may go awry on a hectic, order-ridden day.

Alternatively, if standard shipping for a far-off item has been delayed, we can assist in going the distance to fetch it. Check out, for instance, the FAQs about our courier services to find out what accommodations we can make for you in an instance of long-distance couriering. Although the drivers won’t dress up as cupid or offer an elaborately sung telegram, R Courier can guarantee the kind of delivery turnaround that you require; our distinct services go as follows:

Regular Delivery

With this priority set out, packages will be delivered before 5 PM the day the order is placed, so long as the details are established and recorded prior to 11:30 the morning-of.

Rush Delivery

Packages are delivered within 3 to 4 hours of the order being placed (although this window is subject to the differences and distance between the pick-up and delivery zones, respectively).

Direct Delivery

Delivery will occur between 1.5 and 2 hours of the order’s placement.

Urgent Delivery

This service is carried out in a non-stop fashion; R Courier’s sense of immediacy takes hold and the package will be, quite literally, delivered as soon as possible. Our many experiences with urgent deliveries are grounded in the company’s dedication to medical couriering, which often puts R Courier drivers in control of life-or-death situations.

Overnight Delivery

As our least urgent service offered, the package will be delivered by 4 PM the next day, guaranteed.

And, while it certainly is not ideal to do things at the last minute – particularly when it comes to dating and amour, tardiness, forgetfulness, and irresponsibility is a sure-fire sign that a partnership needs to take a stark look itself – misremembering a day as significant as NYE or V-Day perhaps calls for some introspection, too. It isn’t impossible to rectify the situation, however. No matter the service you desire, R Courier is poised to meet your every need – contact us today to take advantage of our premier courier services – you and your date won’t regret it.