Part of the benefit of using a professional medical courier is that you can pick from several specific delivery options designed to cater to your exact needs. But to ensure you pick the right option for you, you need to understand how the differences between such services work. Here’s a closer look at our Rush Delivery Option to help you get started.

Different Delivery Plans

At R Courier, we offer several different delivery services because we understand that providing the best in healthcare requires precision. The best healthcare is also costly, so no one can afford to overspend. As such, you don’t want to pay for the extra cost of the fastest shipping options available whenever you use a medical courier.

Why Use a Medical Courier for Slower-Paced Deliveries?

If your package doesn’t require same-day or overnight delivery, you should save some money and pick a more conservative type of service. However, just because you don’t need a shipment to be rushed as quickly as possible doesn’t mean you should change to a less reliable courier company. After all, there are other benefits to using a medical courier from our team than speed like

  • Versatility
  • Specialization in Medical Items
  • Safety and Hazardous Goods Training
  • Advanced Tracking Systems
  • GPS-equipped Vehicles
  • Courteous Personnel

Along with these benefits, you also gain the advantage of choosing the exact type of shipping service you require among an extensive list of options. The best way to ensure you’ll be successful in picking a service type for your needs is to understand a little bit about how each option works. With this goal in mind, here is a detailed look at our rush shipping service, so you’ll become familiar with this option.

Choosing a Service Option

When you choose our rush delivery service, you won’t get the absolute fastest delivery speed we offer, and you certainly won’t get the slowest either. You might consider our rush service as a kind of goldilocks option: not too fast, not too slow, but just right for you. Of course, whether or not a rush delivery service is perfect for any particular shipment will depend on your needs.

What is Our Rush Delivery Service?

When you order rush delivery priority with R Courier, your packages will be delivered within three to four hours. Please note: the actual time of delivery you experience with our rush priority service will depend on the pickup and delivery zones from point A to point B. Rush delivery also requires that you place your order by 1:00 pm.

GPS Tracking for Increased Assurance

Despite the fact that your delivery times are subject to change depending on the pickup and drop-off locations and the time of day when you are able to place an order, you can always inquire with us regarding a more precise delivery schedule. You can also gain the ultimate in package tracking with our online ETA Board.

If you’re looking for the best courier delivery options, contact us to book a shipment. Our team will help you find the right option for your needs.