The medical field is often a stressful one where research is time-sensitive and people’s lives regularly hang in the balance. For many doctors and lab workers making split-second decisions is a regular part of the workday, and they’re able to do so without missing a beat.

That said, these professionals must depend on a large support network to carry on with the work they do to keep the world healthy. This network includes people on the front lines, like nurses or university staff dedicated to outstanding administration and patient service. It also includes a courier service with a reputation for reliable quick medical parcel delivery no matter the size of the package.

At R Courier, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the medical courier business by listening to our customers and adapting our services to their ever-evolving needs. Let’s have a look at the pillars of the R Courier experience:

Transparency Through GPS Tracking

The beauty of GPS, or global positioning system technology, is that it allows our customers to relax with worry-free trackable delivery. When dangerous goods or expensive equipment are on the open road, it can be nerve-wracking if you’re ultimately responsible. What you need is an easy-to-navigate interface that tells you exactly where your package is and when you can expect it.

We created our ETA Board, the first of its kind in Canada, for just this purpose. It lists the number of packages to arrive at your destination for the next 2 hours and updates every two minutes in real time. You can also view revised ETA times, your driver’s name, and your driver’s route, so there’s never any doubt about the care and attention we bring to your business.

From another perspective, the benefits of GPS tracking also help us cut costs and improve our quality of service. By gaining insights into the most efficient routes, we’re able to not only reduce delivery times, but minimize the wear-and-tear on our vehicles and extend their working life. These savings ultimately make our services more affordable to you.

In-Depth Driver Training

All of our drivers must complete a thorough training program that instills compassion and courtesy regardless of the environment. This is because we want our customers to feel taken care of above and beyond a timely delivery. It’s truly rewarding for us to share a few kind words and put a smile on your face.

Our drivers also each hold a TDG license, which allows them to transport dangerous goods such as radioactive materials, flammable liquids, and toxic and infectious substances. In this way, we’re able to accommodate requests from hospitals, health agencies, and major laboratories that require specialized service.

A TDG license covers an educational suite that complies in full with Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations. These include:

  • Proper loading and unloading procedures
  • Standardized methods for filling and securing containers
  • Emergency response measures
  • Safety mark identification

Whether it’s a single medical test, or a piece of delicate equipment, our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to match you with one of our services and get your delivery where it needs to go. We do everything from rush orders in 3-4 hours, to non-stop urgent orders, to overnight deliveries, all the while upholding our high standards for safety every mile of the way. We’ll even bring your package right to your door because the continued loyalty of our customers deserves nothing less than the best!

R Courier prides itself on taking the time to understand your needs and tailoring our services specifically to you. We have a fleet of vehicles, from small cars to trucks, to handle any load, and the technology to communicate freely between drivers when the need arises. Our mission is to meet your deadlines each and every time while ensuring your complete satisfaction. If this sounds like a perfect combination, get in touch with us and enjoy the R Courier experience today!