The infection numbers in Ontario remain in the thousands every day. To make matters worse, many people lose their lives to the deadly third wave sparked by the variants of the novel coronavirus. But there is some hope.

According to new modelling data released by the province, the third wave may finally be cresting with the local government imposing strict lockdown measures and the vaccine rollout continuing.

However, Dr. Adalsteinn Brown, the co-chair of the advisory table, says that the situation remains precarious: “This is an incredibly challenging time for our health system, and that has not changed even with a crest in the case numbers.”

He adds that clearing the backlog of surgeries for more than 200,000 patients remains a massive undertaking. To continue their resistance against the third wave, hospitals, clinics, and even businesses need their critical medical parcels on time.

At R Courier, we feel that we’re ready for the challenges that lie ahead for the following reasons:

1. Experience

We’ve been in the medical delivery business for several decades, serving clients inside and outside Canada. In fact, we moved medical packages when Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) hit the country in 2003. At the time, 251 people were infected with SARS in Canada, with Toronto being the epicentre. The medical community learned many lessons from that outbreak that help us today.

2. Expertise

We serve many extensive health care facilities with our medical courier services — including Public Health Toronto, Sunnybrook Hospital, and numerous renowned health organizations in Scarborough. We also deliver COVID-19 vaccines to our clients. Here are just some of the places we deliver to:

  • Research facilities.
  • Major laboratories.
  • Diagnostic Imaging.
  • Healthcare agencies.
  • Veterinary clinics.

3. Licensed

We can transport lab specimens, prescription drugs, blood and organs, X-rays, medical notes, and much more. Our couriers have the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) license, which allows them to handle potentially dangerous goods, such as medical parcels that contain infectious samples. In addition, our fully licensed couriers can transport Class 7 Radioactive goods.

4. Safety Protocols

Delivering medical parcels is challenging work. With the third wave upon us, couriers must be wary of getting infected with a more infectious and hence more dangerous variant of the COVID-19 virus. Anyone on the front lines can get seriously ill.

Our couriers are trained to observe all social distancing protocols and minimize in-person contact through physical distancing. They try to keep a distance of at least 2 meters from others as much as possible.

Please take the following precautions if you wish to go the extra mile in terms of safety:

  • Use a face mask or gloves when receiving and opening delivered packages.
  • Wash your hands with soap immediately after opening the package.
  • Disinfect packages with a wipe.
  • Wait for 24 hours to open packages if they’re not urgent.

5. Security Protocols

We take package security very seriously. That’s why we use mobile signature technology to maintain security and safety at drop-off. If you’d rather receive your package without mobile signature capture, then simply call our dispatch, and they’ll leave a message for the courier. Our courier will follow your instructions and leave your package at your mailbox or door, though we don’t hold responsibility for packages delivered this way.

6. High-Priority Deliveries:

Some hazardous materials will need to be delivered as quickly as possible. Think of the COVID-19 samples. These needed to be treated as high-priority deliveries because it’s imperative for the medical community to tackle the virus as soon as possible.

We have a variety of services based on the priority of the delivery. If you need the package to get there by the end of the day, you can order a Rush or Direct service. If it needs to be there immediately, you can make an Urgent order. We have the services to match your needs.

At a time when the country can’t wait to get medical supplies, R Courier goes above and beyond to assist its customers while maintaining safety. Please contact us today to use our essential services.