A heat wave is uncomfortable for most but can be dangerous for those suffering from medical conditions that cause them to be vulnerable to extreme temperatures or dehydration. Periods of extreme heat in the summer can also be dangerous for the shipment of certain medical supplies.

Staying Cool in the Summer Heat for Health

If you’re concerned about how extreme heat from summer weather might impact your health, the first thing you should do is to contact your family doctor for advice. A medical professional will be able to assess your vulnerability to high temperatures and other potential complications that you should remain alert to; they will also be able to suggest options for managing your body temperature and staying properly hydrated at all times.

Managing Climate Control in Your Home

If you discover that you are vulnerable to extreme heat, you’ll want to ensure that you have an adequate climate control system installed in your home. Contact an air conditioning specialist to find out what types of climate control will work in your home.

Considering Temperature in Deliveries

In cases where medical items must remain cold, couriers need to have the means at their disposal to ensure such items do not become exposed to the heat. Any shipment that requires temperature regulation requires an insulated transportation container designed to prevent any damage to the item that can occur when it reaches undesired temperatures.

At R Courier medical delivery, we can fulfill most temperature- or time-sensitive shipments. Maintaining temperature control for your medical deliveries requires special equipment, so be sure to contact our team about your delivery in advance to be sure the shipment is possible.

Speed of Delivery Service is a Factor

No matter how well-insulated a container is, there’s only so much time that can elapse before hot weather becomes an issue. Even the best parcel delivery experts cannot change the weather, but when you work with our team, you’ll gain the best advantage for beating hot temperatures.

That’s because we offer some of Canada’s most rapid delivery services available. We also employ reliable delivery drivers, so you can rest assured that your medical goods will arrive safe and on time.

Keeping Your Delivery Cool

While refrigeration vehicles are sometimes used to transport items that need to remain cold, they are designed to carry enormous quantities over long distances. In the case of medical specimens, you will not be likely to require our team at R Courier to transport hundreds of litres of plasma or urine for a test sample.

Instead, the best method of transport will likely be to use medical-grade packaging that includes cold gel packs or other thermal-regulated containers.

When you need temperature-sensitive medical items to be transported quickly, you should work with a company with the experience to provide the most reliable delivery possible. Contact R Courier to schedule a delivery today.