Nobody wants their packages to get lost in delivery. While some shipments are inevitably going to be more necessary than others, this level of need should only ever reflect the required delivery time, rather than the potential that a package arrives at all. Likewise, the speed of delivery should always depend upon the service agreement initially agreed upon by the customer.

Professional delivery services like R Courier exist so that you can enjoy greater trust in your delivery company. In cases where the contents of those shipments involve medical samples, equipment or life-saving medicine, the need to ensure a safe arrival becomes critical. Health care professionals trust our team of medical delivery experts because they need a guaranteed assurance that their shipments will arrive without loss.

Step One: Trust Your Shipments to R Courier

The first and only step you really need to take to avoid lost shipments is to hire the team that will give you the best results. To put this another way, you could say that you should always work with a company that is trusted to get some of the most critical shipments delivered in Toronto – even when those involved Covid-19 samples sent by Toronto Public Health for analysis early on in the pandemic.

That said, the chances are that if you’re reading this article, you already realize that R Courier is committed to customer satisfaction in every case. That’s why we are the best choice in you want to guarantee your shipment reaches its destination safely. In that case, you’re probably interested in learning more about how that happens and what you can do to help. With this aim in mind, here are a few means that R Courier employs to guarantee that your shipment arrives when (and where) it should.

Step Two: Request a Signature

If you’re not available to sign for a package when it arrives at your door, the entire necessity for the courier to obtain a signature might seem like a frustrating part of the process. On the contrary, gaining proof of delivery helps to guarantee the safety of your package, as well as allowing the company to keep better track of it.

Step Three: Track Your Order

You can avoid any worry that you might have about the status of your order by registering on our website to gain access to our real-time tracking system: the ETA Board. When tracking a delivery online, you can follow the progress of your shipment every step of the way so that you know it has not been lost.

Step Four: Hire a Courier that Uses GPS Tracking

You’ll also gain the advantage of knowing that your package will arrive exactly when it should. Our ETA board links to the GPS tracking that is present in every vehicle in our fleet, so you know you’re working with a courier that employs technology to the maximum potential to avoid lost shipments.

At the end of the day, you’ve got to rely on your courier to get your package where they need to arrive. If you want to be sure they’ll get there safely and on time, be sure to work with our team every time you make a shipment.