If you’re familiar with the services we provide at R Courier, it is likely that you already understand that one of the main differences between a medical courier and a regular courier service is speed and reliability, but that isn’t the only way a medical courier is unique.

Here is an overview of some of the most critical regulations and standards, along with other qualities every driver should have when working for a medical courier, to provide you with a better sense of how our industry is unique:

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Depending on the type of medical supplies or equipment you require to be shipped, it may require the services of a medical courier who is certified to transport dangerous goods. The Canadian government has a program that regulates the safety laws regarding how certain goods are transported. Goods are classified according to a risk-based system, which depends on several risk factors.

The good news is that while these laws restrict what can be transported in Canada, they provide an essential service that ensures the safety of your shipments and everyone involved in ensuring they reach their destination. Since our team is committed to client satisfaction, security and reliability are two of the most valued benefits we offer.

You might also be pleased to hear that we employ drivers certified to transport dangerous goods at R Courier. You should always contact our team in advance before placing an order for the transportation of any dangerous goods to ensure a qualified driver will be available and prevent any delays.

Food and Drug Regulations

It should be no surprise to any healthcare professional that a medical parcel delivery will often contain materials regulated according to the Canadian Food and Drug Administration. Drugs used in health care for medicine are one of the most frequent items medical couriers transport, so any courier specializing in medical delivery must carry the proper licences and documentation to transport such items.

Considering Accurate Parcel Tracking

In addition to the legal regulations that medical couriers must abide by, it is vital to consider how reliable delivery impacts the safety of your shipment. When a courier transports a dangerous item, they must be qualified to handle it according to safety regulations. Still, it is also vital for public health that a reliable courier transports any dangerous item.

At R Courier, we implement several lines of defence to ensure that every shipment arrives on time. One of the ways this occurs is through our ETA Board, which allows clients to track their shipment in real time through every stage of its journey. Our vehicles have GPS tracking to ensure this online system is highly accurate.

If you’re concerned about the regulations and standards for your medical courier services, you should contact us to learn more. Our team will be happy to provide advice on shipping dangerous goods or the certifications of our experienced drivers. Contact us today.