Sometimes the fastest regular delivery service available is not fast enough. In the world of medical courier services, there are times when every second counts. Depending on the condition of a patient and the treatment required, the timely arrival of a medical delivery could very much amount to a life-or-death situation.

Extreme Delivery Procedures for Emergency Situations

In extreme scenarios, R Courier can employ extreme measures to ensure that your delivery arrives as quickly as possible. When it comes to the most critical deliveries, medical professionals must partner with the most reliable delivery service available. This includes the ability to use alternative methods when required.

Why Not Use Standard Delivery Trucks in Emergencies?

In the middle of a highly congested city, traffic can be the greatest obstacle to getting an emergency delivery from point A to point B. In such cases, a medical courier needs to be capable of getting a delivery to its destination within an allotted period, but whatever means is necessary. In the heart of a busy metropolis, the best means to do this is often by bicycle.

Why Do Human Organ Transplants Require Emergency Deliveries?

The issue of getting organ transplants to patients that require them is a critical one. In Canada, 2,594 patients received organ transplants in 2020, while another 4,129 people remained on waiting lists, unable to get the transplants they desperately require.

While the most significant obstacle in getting organs to patients in need remains the availability of suitable donors, this low availability leaves no room for error when it comes to the delicate delivery process. That’s why it takes medical delivery experts in Toronto to ensure that every suitable organ transplant arrives safely and on time at the facility where it is required.

24-7 Courier Services

Ensuring a high quality of life for all Canadians necessitates that we all have access to the medical care we need to live long and healthy lives. Health care doesn’t take a holiday because people can require treatment at any time. For this same reason, we offer medical courier services at all times to ensure the safety of patients in need.

Timed Specimens

While organ transplants require some of the fastest delivery times that a medical courier will encounter, they are not the only shipments that must occur quickly. For example, certain types of blood specimens require rapid delivery times to ensure that proper testing can occur. Some of these situations occur when fasting is involved or in more critical situations wherein a bacterial infection is suspected.

If you’re looking for a medical courier that is capable of delivering the most vital shipments as quickly as possible, you can rely on our highly trained and experienced team. While R Courier specializes in medical deliveries, there’s no kind of shipment that we won’t consider transporting for you.

Please get in contact with us as soon as possible to find out more about the different types of services that we offer to medical professionals with specific delivery needs.