It might seem evident that different items require different kinds of delivery services, but understanding those differences can mean a world of difference for the leading couriers. At R Courier, our team specializes in several different services so that even the most critical of deliveries can be transported with the utmost care.

Equipment and Training

In the case of medical deliveries, our couriers need to be equipped with the right tools to guarantee timely and safe delivery of items that can change lives. If you’re looking for a medical delivery service in Toronto, you’ll want to hire a team that has a reputation for transporting COVID-19 samples early in the fight against the public health crisis here in Canada.

Serving Public Health Organizations

One of the main reasons why Public Health Toronto chose our team to carry COVID-19 samples is that we provide the top training and equipment to our drivers and because we already have a strong reputation for being a leader in medical courier services in Toronto.

Doctors and Couriers

It isn’t just public health organizations that trust the services of R Courier for the best medical delivery available. We provide local doctors deliveries frequently as well. Doctors enjoy working with our company because we provide an ETA Board that allows our clients to track their shipment precisely online. This system enables doctors to work within the confines of demanding schedules while ensuring that they’ll be able to meet with a courier at a precise time.

Specimens and Samples

When you’re a patient in the hands of a reliable health care professional, it is usually the case that a specimen or sample that is of less importance can be considered good news. However, without the proper handling of those items, this vital news would not be possible. No matter the outcome of any particular case, the security of a medical sample is of equal importance in all cases.

Shipping Speed

While some medical shipments require a race against time to help bring the right kind of treatment to a patient fighting to recover, not every medical delivery requires the fastest delivery possible. In some cases, such as the case of transporting most deliveries of new medical equipment, the emphasis is placed more on care than speed.

Here is a list of the different medical delivery speeds that you can order when you work with R Courier:

  • Regular – Packages arrive before 5:00 PM
  • Rush – Packages arrive within 3 to 4 Hours (depending on zones)
  • Direct – Packages are delivered within 1 1/2 to 2 Hours (depending on pick up and zones)
  • Urgent – Packages are delivered non-stop (subject to availability)
  • Overnight – Packages are delivered on the next day (if placed by 4:00 PM)

Additionally, another service that you can get when you work with our team is a temperature-controlled delivery for sensitive items. If you require temperature control or a driver with certification to transport dangerous goods, you should always contact us in advance to ensure the service is available when you require it.

When you need a medical delivery, you need the best grade of delivery service available. Contact our team to learn more about our medical delivery services.