Here at R Courier, there are many types of medical courier needs that we ensure will arrive at their destination quickly and securely. Along with medical equipment, pharmaceuticals and other items directly related to the treatment of patients, one of the frequent delivery needs of our medical clients involves sensitive documents.

Specialized Courier Services

When it comes to essential things you look for in a courier service, what springs to mind will probably be the speed of delivery and the assurance that your items will arrive in the proper condition. While these are always important features of a professional delivery company, medical professionals also need to know that they are dealing with couriers with experience in keeping specialized items like medical documents safe.

Here at R Courier, our team is recognized within the medical community as belonging to a company trusted by Public Health Toronto in the transportation of Covid-19 test samples. We also have a wide range of experience in delivering essential medical documents, such as the following examples:

Patient History

Your patients trust you to keep their medical information confidential. The value of this trust goes beyond simply refraining from discussing such information to anyone outside of the necessary medical context; it also pertains to ensuring secure medical parcel delivery so that sensitive documents are protected at all times.

Testing Results

Besides a regular medical history, many other types of documents related to a particular patient’s care that you may need to share with other medical professionals at other locations. The test results that are most often delivered by the medical courier industry include:

  • Blood Tests
  • Urine Tests
  • Heart Tests

These types of documents are often shared with a particular specialist or a healthcare translator.

Surgical Report

If your patient has recently overgone an operation, the procedure results will likely need to be communicated with their family doctor or a specialist treating that person. One of the prerogatives of such documents is to impart private medical information as clearly as possible to avoid any chance of confusion. For this reason, operation results must be sent with a secure and reliable courier.

Mental Health Status

The results of a mental capacities exam can have an enormous consequence in someone’s life and the lives of their loved ones. One common kind of information they can reveal regards whether that person is capable of making decisions regarding their health care.

This information is private and should only be communicated between medical professionals. For that reason, it requires a trusted courier service.

A Reliable Transportation System

When it comes to the types of courier services required by medical professionals, documents remain essential and in need of guaranteed security. Our fleet of delivery vehicles is consistently maintained and monitored at R Courier to ensure that no delivery does not arrive safely at its intended destination.

If you’re a medical professional with sensitive documents that require rapid and secure delivery to a new location, get in contact with R Courier to learn more about your options.