Medical deliveries quite literally put couriers in the middle life or death situations in which they must determine the well-being of patients who are, conversely, in the care of doctors and nurses at a medical centre or hospital. Sometimes, these medical professionals require the transportation of equipment or specimen to an operating room in a moment’s notice. This kind of need calls for the services of renowned medical couriers, all of whom have specific traits that ought to be accounted for and well-documented if their expertise is to be trusted. At R Courier, the staff prides itself on possessing a savviness when it comes to the following aspects of professionalism, technology, and dedication.

  1. Professionalism

This is, perhaps, another name for achieving the bare minimum. Professionalism ought to be a given, but sometimes potential clients need reassuring after bad experiences with subpar couriers or standard mail services. As a leading medical courier company, R Courier synthesizes customer rapport, industry knowledge, and specialized employee training to ensure that our partners can maintain the standard of care that their clinic or hospital demands. Whether it is helping to create an environment in which effective same-day deliveries can be made in a timely manner, or the ways by which our drivers handle specimens, equipment, pharmaceuticals, blood, and other packages, R Courier delivery services are, first and foremost, professional.

But professionalism doesn’t stop at simply getting the job done well – it’s also about the appearance of things. Our drivers are well-trained, but also well-kempt. We ensure that all trucks are sterilized and ready to take on specialty medical items as cargo. This means that there are spill-kits and other tools on hand at all times, so as to meet the standards set out by the Ontario government for couriers in the business of hazardous transportation. All of these precautions are not only taken in the interest of our clients, but for the sake of public safety in general; medical couriers are often required to delivery extremely volatile specimens and, in some cases, life-threatening contagions.

  1. Technology

Our new tracking technology is first and foremost a testament to our love of all things efficient, and the bright future that a well-organized courier company can help bring about. While some couriers will email customers with vague delivery estimates and large, inconvenient timeframes – some of which indicate that your package will arrive “before 8pm” or something of that nature – R Courier’s system is much more efficient.

You can easily access a precise estimated time of arrival from your smart phone at any moment, allowing you to plan ahead and shift your schedule accordingly. Our new ETA Board is state-of-the-art and its precision is unmatched by competitors. Because the tools we use ultimately determine the effectiveness of our couriering capabilities, we always are looking forward to improving our data and upgrading our systems when we can. Indeed, maintaining an eye to the future is integral to success in the long term.

  1. Dedication

We are just as dedicated to meeting your goals as you are, especially in the realm of medicine. If patient care is your priority, so too is it our own. We specialize in timely deliveries and seek to maintain an immaculate record. No matter the time of day, we comply with your order in all its complexities. Whether it’s a rush delivery, or an urgent, door-to-door transportation of a delicate package, R Courier will have it ready in a prompt manner. Our drivers are not only well-trained, but they are militant, as far as meeting a deadline goes.

We like to practice what we preach – you can place your order online if you want to see for yourself what reliable medical deliveries look like. You and your patients will not regret it.